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Sounds-Write Phonic Games and Activities for the Initial Code

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Sounds-Write photocopiable activity book
for the Initial Code, Units 1-11.

See a video walkthrough of the book further down this page ⬇︎⬇︎

Authors: Tita Beaven & John Walker

A4 size. Spiral bound, 277 pages

Heavy-duty cover

In stock (can be backordered)

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This Sounds-Write photocopiable workbook for the Initial Code contains over 190 activities to practise word reading, word writing and sentence reading and writing; it also contains speed reading, memory games and word searches.
The games and activities provide beginning readers with the opportunity to practise their reading and writing in fun and engaging ways. 

The activities can be used whole class, in small groups and in one-to-one settings, as well as for homework or home-schooling. Each activity has clear instructions so that teachers, teaching assistants, parents or carers know how to use them.

Initial Code UnitFocus sounds
1a i m s t
2n o p
3b c g h
4d e f v
5k l r u
6j w z
7x y ff ll ss
/th/ /ng/
QU for /kw/


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