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Sounds-Write Extended Code: ‘First Steps’ decodable stories (Set of 10 titles)

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Set of 10 titles; each book is 8 pages long.
Gradually increasing amount of text per page as the series progresses.

Matched to phoneme units 1-20 of the Extended Code – see below for focus sounds and book titles.

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The collection will be perfect for children who are taking their first steps into the Extended Code. The simple sentence structures and short word counts will help to introduce children to Extended Code sounds and spellings without overloading them. The 10-book series is based on children and their hobbies.

Sounds-Write decodable books are written to provide engaging and plentiful practice opportunities to learners. Sounds-Write books can be used by anyone teaching children to read: they match perfectly to the Sounds-Write teaching scope and sequence, or may be used as supplementary books providing more variety, practice and reading material when using a different scope and sequence.

The Sounds-Write ‘First Steps’ range of decodable stories for the Extended Code build the students’ code knowledge as they progress through the series through a carefully graded, step-by-step introduction of new sounds and spellings in each book. These books contain more words per page than many other decodable readers, enabling students to build their reading stamina. The 10 decodable stories in this series cover the phoneme units 1 to 14 of the Extended Code, giving plenty of practice with the most frequent spelling alternatives for specific vowel sounds. They are designed for NZ Year 2. The illustrations show older children, with familiar interests (such as bike riding, playing a musical instrument, and camping) which will be engaging and age-appropriate for many upper primary students working on foundational reading skills. 

The Extended Code Units, focus sounds, and book titles in this series are as follows:

Extended Code UnitSoundBook Title
1/ae/Kate Bakes
2/ee/Lee Reads
4/oe/Flo Rows
6/er/Earl’s Words
7/e/Ali’s Chess Set
8/ow/Tao’s Trek
10/oo/ as in moonCharity’s Flute
11/ie/Tess’s Bike Race
12/oo/ as in bookJack Camps in the Woods
14/u/Doug’s Cousin


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