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Sound Wall Kits: Cards + Manual

$74.00$130.00 incl. GST

These Sound Wall kits offer the best value for money, providing everything needed to get you up and running with your Sound Wall:

  • Sets of Sound Cards
  • A thorough, practical manual to help you set up and use your Sound Wall.

I’d like to support you and your learners to get the most out of these resources. When you purchase this resource, you can add access to a professional learning Sound Walls webinar for only $5. 

Select the combination of resources that best meets your needs below:

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SOUND WALL 🗣📖✍🏽 ... I'd like to offer you access to my 2 ½ hour recorded webinar for only $5.

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Mini Kit

Save $19
$ 74
  • Mini Sound Cards - NZ English
  • Sound Walls Manual
  • Free printable spelling posters

Standard Kit

Save $20
$ 95
  • Large Sound Cards - NZ English​
  • Large Sound Cards - Te Reo Māori
  • Free printable spelling & kupu posters
  • Sound Walls Manual

Mega Kit

Save $23
$ 130
  • Large Sound Cards - NZ English
  • Large Sound Cards - Te Reo Māori
  • Mini Sound Cards - NZ English
  • Free printable spelling & kupu posters
  • Sound Walls Manual

The kits offer the best value for money, combining the elements you need to get you flying with your Sound Wall. What’s in each kit? 

To become a skilled reader, our brains must connect written letter symbols with speech sounds. Using a Sound Wall supports learners to connect speech to print and make sense of the writing system of the English language by cracking the alphabetic code.

without awareness of the speech sounds that letters represent, one cannot match letters to sounds and read unfamiliar words.
~Dr Louisa Moats, 2010

The Sound Cards are intended to be used daily in an interactive, engaging way to support the teaching and learning of:

  • NZ English and Te Reo Māori speech sounds
  • phonemic awareness
  • alphabetic code knowledge
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Combo options

Standard Kit, Mini Kit, Mega Kit


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