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Phonological Awareness Skills Check

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Phonological Awareness Skills Check – a free, simple assessment tool to identify the phonological and phonemic awareness skills for learners of any age. Know what skills to teach, and monitor learner progress.

Data tracking spreadsheets included (Excel & Google Sheets).

We know from research that phonological awareness is a critical foundational skill in developing strong, fluent reading and spelling.

Please use and share this free Phonological Awareness Skills Check to find out:

  • your learners’ areas of strength
  • which skills you need to explicitly teach
  • monitor how your learners are progressing over time

I have constructed the test to reflect David Kilpatrick’s 3 phases of phonological awareness development: Early, Basic, and Advanced – all of which are necessary for reading and spelling to develop.

I will upload a video of the test administration some time soon, but if you have any questions about how best to use it, please get in touch. Administration and scoring directions are on the front page.


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