Elklan Language Builders for 5-11 Years

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This invaluable book provides detailed advice and activities to promote the communication skills of all school age children. It contains information and strategies suitable for use with children at primary school. It has been written to be accessible to parents, learning support assistants and teachers and many Speech Language Therapists use it in their daily work. It is the core reading material for the accredited course Speech and Language Support for 5-11s.

It addresses many areas including:

  • Attention and listening
  • Helping school age children understand spoken language and develop verbal reasoning skills
  • Helping school age children develop their expressive language
  • Phonological processing activities
  • Developing vocabulary and story writing and use of mind maps
  • Helping school age children develop their social skills
  • Helping school age children with unclear speech

As with all Elklan materials, having purchased the book you are free to photocopy any relevant pages, thus equipping others who work within your school or workplace.

122 pages, soft cover.

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